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Post Close

Pay back the loan from a percentage of your revenue

Amplio Ventures
funding is a


Founder Aligned

Funding aligned with your cash-flow needs. Payments based on your monthly collected revenue.


Retain Ownership

No equity required. Maintain ownership and control of your business. No collateral or personal guarantees required



Capital deployed in as little as four weeks.



Fulfill your labor needs with access to the refugee workforce through Amplio Recruiting



Experience and expertise to grow your business.

Do I Qualify for Funding?


Registered in the United States


$400,000 or more in revenue over the last 12 months


Currently hiring or interested in hiring from the refugee workforce


More than 24 months of operating history


Seeking cash-flow aligned capital to fuel business growth


Desiring to retain full control without forfeiting equity

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My business is headquartered in
New Hampshire
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South Dakota
West Virginia
and has been generating revenue for 1 15+
My business has collected $250,000 $10M+
in total revenue over the last twelve months, a 0 % 100 %
from the previous 12 months.
My business generated 0 % 8o %
in net profit On the income statement:

Net Profit = Revenue - cost of goods sold (COGS) - operating expenses - other expenses, interest (on debt) - taxes payable

(Net Profit / Revenue) * 100 = Net Profit Margin
margin over the last 12 months.
I expect my revenue to continue to grow by 0 % 100 %
over the next 3 years.
Currently my business employs
individuals from the refugee workforce. If my business achieved its desired growth,
new jobs would be created in the next 18 months.

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Portfolio Feedback

What our clients think about us

Lamine Zarrad

Founder and CEO @ Joust Labs (acquired by Zenbusiness)

Amplio is the only venture fund perfectly aligned with our mission of inclusion. They've been instrumental as partners in shaping our culture and team.

Natasha Fields

Co-Founder and CEO @ Needslist

Amplio Ventures has been a key partner for us not just in terms of their financial investment, but also their technical and strategic support as we scale up our work.

Karina Grosheva

Founder and CEO @ TaQadam

Collaboration with Amplio Ventures reinvigorated Taqadam’s ambition to work on a scalable solution, which is reaching more post-conflict countries to open up to a digital economy. Amplio has put the necessary expertise and energy to work with us on defining a renewed strategy to scale technology into SAAS while multiplying impact to vulnerable communities globally.

Why the Refugee Workforce?


Legal to work - Refugees are supported by the UNHCR, HHS and a host of other organizations to receive Employment Authorization soon after, if not immediately upon arrival


Dependable - Amplio Recruiting reports an 80% retention rate after 3 months and 70% after 1 year, nearly double the average employee retention rate across the US of 40%


Motivated - 73% of companies report higher retention rates among refugees compared to the US born population


Growth Mindset - Refugees, by in large, possess a resilience and curiosity that drives a hunger for education and skill development


Drug Free - Reports show substance abuse is minimal among immigrant and refugee populations compared to the US born population

Who We Are

More Than Lenders, We are Strategic Partners

We are entrepreneurs, operators, and investors in solutions that encourage stability within the refugee community. Our collective backgrounds are in entrepreneurship, humanitarian aid, technology, finance, and scholarship that have seen multiple successful business exits and have been named by the Vatican as a Game Changing Business for Refugees.

We provide non-traditional, cash-flow aligned financing for growing companies in the United States committed to sourcing talent from the refugee workforce in order to create a platform where there is a Win-Win that exists where businesses in the US receive aligned capital to help them grow and access to a workforce to help them do it, and refugees are employed in dignified work

Amplio Ventures is a member of the Amplio Group, a purpose-driven holding company committed to restoring stability to forcibly displaced people. Amplio Group leverages Amplio Ventures’ portfolio, positively impacting refugee employment support organizations and local economies across the US.


  1. How do I hire refugees?

    Amplio Ventures is partnered and fully integrated with Amplio Recruiting, a full service staffing firm that specializes in placing skilled refugees into jobs. Companies engaged with Amplio Ventures will have access to Amplio Recruiting Services

  2. What countries do refugees come from?

    Refugees are individuals who have been forced from their home due to violence, disease or religious persecution in their home country. Most recently, the majority of refugees resettling in the US have come from the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as other East and West African nations. Some Southeast Asian nations such as Burma (Myanmar) have produced many refugees also due to political violence and civil reference. Finally, Syria, Iraq and other nations in the Middle East have hemorrhaged with refugees over the past decade.

  3. Are refugees legal to work in the US?

    They receive legal status the day they arrive because they’ve already been vetted by homeland security. We also run background checks and E-verify to ensure we are employing only those legal to work in the US.

  4. Is there a language barrier for refugees resettling in the US?

    Yes, but many refugees have been studying English for a long time or have lived in the US long enough to pick up the language. We will only place those with your company that have a level of English that is proficient enough to do their job.

  5. Is transportation an issue for refugees resettling in the US?

    It can be a challenge at times, but most of the refugees in our pipeline have a driver’s license and reliable transportation. We’ve become experts at navigating around transportation issues to match you with the right client.

  6. Are refugees legal immigrants?

    All refugees are considered legal U.S. residents upon arrival. Each individual or family goes through a stringent screening process that includes numerous interviews with the United Nations. We perform background checks and use E-verify to confirm the legitimacy of each employee. Many refugees from the Middle East fought alongside American troops in combat or aided American forces in some capacity.

  7. What is a refugee?

    By definition, a refugee is “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster“. Most refugees currently living in America are from South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Many of them have graduated from higher education and possess relevant professional experience but are largely underrepresented in the job marketplace. Click here to read stories of Amplio employees

  8. Do I need to hire refugees in my business to qualify for funding?

    Yes, you must already or actively in the process of hiring a minimum of 10% of your workforce from the refugee community in order to apply for funding

  9. What if my business stops hiring refugees during the term of the loan?

    If your business no longer hires refugees and you have an outstanding balance on a loan then the loan payment schedule will be sped

  10. Do you offer seed funding for pre-revenue startups?

    Our revenue-based lending model is best suited for companies that are currently generating at least $400k in annual revenue and have some sort of recurring revenue streams. If you’re a pre-revenue startup, you can still apply online so that we can keep you on our radar.

  11. Do you only invest in certain geographies?

    Currently, Amplio Ventures provides funding to companies in the United States HQ’ed in the states of Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, and Oregon.

  12. What do I owe in return?

    We will ask for a percentage of revenue (usually between 2% and 8%, never more than 50% of your business’ EBITDA margin) until repayment is achieved.

  13. How much funding can I get?

    You can qualify for a loan for up to 20% of your annualized revenue over the last 12 months of operations but the final qualified principal amount is based on multiple factors. Complete the term calculator to see what your business qualifies for.

  14. Do I need to personally guarantee and or put up collateral in order to qualify for a loan with Amplio Ventures?

    Though the MAJORITY of our loans will not require collateral or personal guarantees, there might be cases where we will require personal guarantees as a result of our underwriting process.

  15. If it’s a revenue loan, then what’s the interest rate?

    Unlike a traditional loan, revenue-based financing doesn’t have a set payment amount each month. Instead, you pay a percentage of topline revenue. If you beat your plan and grow faster, your payments go up accordingly, but if you miss your plan, your monthly payment goes down. The effective interest rate from Amplio Ventures is higher than what traditional banks provide, however this is to make up for the fact that generally Amplio Ventures does not require collateral or personal guarantees on the loans it provides and payback schedules are tied to customer cash collections. Our lending product To learn more, reach out to us!

  16. Do I keep paying this percentage of topline revenue forever?

    No. Payments stop when the return cap has been paid back. Revenue Based Loans are normally repaid over 3–5 years, but if your revenue grows faster than expected, you can pay off the loan sooner.