Laudato si’ Commits to Amplio Ventures

Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’ seeks to address forced displacement by empowering one million
people to be “the protagonist in their own solution.” The Laudato si’ Challenge (LSC) assembled a group
of both shareholders and stakeholders to give this mission legs “as a human dignity narrative, that
leaves no one behind.”

LSC 2019 meetings, held in Rome December 4-5, included leaders in the public, private and faith-based
sectors with three clearly defined targets in mind:

1. Commitments: Accelerate 20 new, specific, measurable and accountable commitments to
impact that contribute to the goal through poverty alleviation, economic empowerment,
conflict resolution and environmental restoration.

2. Community: Develop at least 30 new cross-sector partnerships that concretely and sustainably
address the urgent crisis of forced displacement and make people’s lives better.

3. Co-Creation: Drive 100 percent participation of attendees—in time, treasure and/or talent—
towards the vision.

“We hit ’em all,” said Eric Harr, LSC Founder and CEO, “20 Commitments to Impact, 33 new
partnerships, and – here’s my favorite – 74 “Commitment Cards” that represent at least one, and in some
instances two, commitments from every participant. We’re going to take LSC to a new level.”

Amplio Ventures’ Remote Refugee Employment Fund (RREF) is among the projects LSC is targeting. The
RREF will invest in enterprises that provide both training and remote employment for refugees living
within host countries, waiting for resettlement.

“We are humbled, honored and excited to be a part of the Laudato si’ Challenge,” said Dalton T.
Sirmans, General Partner with Amplio Ventures. As part of the Challenge, Amplio Ventures is committing
to investing $100 million into refugee stabilizing enterprises by the year 2030. Amplio Recruiting, sister
company to Amplio Ventures, is also making a commitment to employ 50,000 refugees by 2025,
providing them stability and dignity through work.

“We call on the Laudato sì Challenge community to stand in solidarity with us, so that we may build a
world ‘that leaves no one behind,’” said Amplio CEO Chris Chancey.

“The Laudato sì Challenge’s primary focus in 2020 is to leverage its network and foundation resources to
help fulfill Amplio’s commitment to impact,” said Harr.

LSC falls under the patronages of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development and the
International Catholic Migration Commission.

Investing with a refugee lens, Amplio Ventures backs enterprises that are founded by refugees, leverage
the refugee workforce and/or focus on the global refugee community. These investments are designed
to yield market-rate returns while achieving measurable social impact.

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