CIO Job Description

Job Description:

Chief Investment Officer

Amplio Ventures Chief Investment Officer
In 2018, there were 70 million forcibly displaced people worldwide – the highest number in human history. Most of them remain in their home country or in a neighboring host country attempting to find a safer more stable life for themselves and their family. Many refugees who had promising professional careers back home, now live in permanent camps, originally intended to be temporary dwellings, unable to access the marketplace.

By 2030, the number of forcibly displaced people is expected to reach 300 million. Today, the average duration of protracted refugee situations, including stays within refugee camps, is 26 years. Unless the situation improves greatly, it is hard to imagine what that number will be in just over 10 years.

More than 80 percent of the world’s refugee population is hosted in low- or middle-income countries that often struggle to grow their economies and create jobs. This can often make a bad situation even worse as high unemployment, slow economic growth, and fractured social structures contribute to fragility and violent conflict – a key driver of forced migration.

Most host countries include barriers for refugees who are looking for a fresh start. Restrictive policies that ban refugee employment to de-facto barriers including strict encampment rules and expensive permitting undermine refugees’ abilities to access sustainable employment. Ignorance of refugees within a host country’s business community, including employers, investors and other leaders, creates conscious and unconscious bias in both employment and investment decisions.

What many host countries are missing is the fact that refugees can play a key role in unlocking economic potential. According to a study by the Refugee Investment Network (RIN), refugees are not only both loyal and hardworking, but also entrepreneurial and creditworthy.

Additionally, money earned by refugees and migrants will be spent and stay within the community, revolving throughout the local marketplace. Creating and maintaining high monetary velocity is the most critical factor in creating thriving economies of scale.
Unfortunately, existing systems for short-term emergency response and productive integration have not kept pace as they are both under-resourced and broken. According to the United Nations, the gap between available and needed funds was 5 billion USD in 2018. And as an increasing number of humanitarian efforts strive to create and expand economic growth for refugees in host countries, private investors and capital are often missing from the equation. Significant interest from across the capital continuum exists in the social and traditional investment community, but the investment landscape in forced migration settings remains highly fragmented – bankable deals are few and far between.

Thus, private capital is urgently needed, focused on economic growth, entrepreneurship, self reliance and durable solutions.

In 2019, people in even the most remote parts of the world can gain online access to the global marketplace. Industry-leading companies desire to engage this overlooked workforce, right where they are, to continue growing some of the world’s best companies. Amplio Ventures’ first fund is laser-focused on providing Remote Refugee Employment by investing in US and European companies poised for market-leading growth.

Amplio Ventures was founded in 2019 with the mission of stabilizing the global refugee community through leveraging the power of the private sector, by providing capital to for-profit companies who are:
● Refugee founded and operated businesses
● Enterprises utilizing refugee workforce
● Enterprises committed to using their resources to support refugees
● Enterprises whose product or service benefits refugees

Firm Thesis
Refugees are both undervalued and overlooked. Businesses founded by refugees are materially more likely to succeed, refugee employees add tangible value to the companies they serve and, as a market, the refugee community is growing year over year. Amplio Ventures, by investing with a refugee lens and leveraging this undervaluation, backs enterprises that are founded by refugees, leverage the refugee workforce and/or focus on the global refugee community which will yield high financial returns while achieving measurable impact.

Chief Investment Officer
Amplio Ventures is seeking a Chief Investment Officer to shape the firm’s diligence and investment processes, manage the fund and its portfolio to maximize the financial return to investors, and ensure that lasting impact is achieved. This position will report to the Fund’s investment committee as well as the Partners at Amplio Ventures in the day-to-day management of the fund.

We are looking for a well-organized and analytical professional. The CIO will provide insight and direction, lead investment teams, complete all fund transactions and effectively maintain portfolio developments. To excel in this position, you will possess a sound understanding of all investment policies and guidelines, demonstrate excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and maintain a strong professional work ethic.

● Establish effective and well-organized investment processes
● Write clear and well-informed investment recommendations based on thorough research and
● Organize regular investment reports and reviews, including quantitative and qualitative portfolio
● Attend annual meetings, review quarterly financial statements and remain up-to-date with any
important valuation or policy changes
● Lead the investment strategy unit within the company
● Perform regular administration duties associated with investment files
● Help manage and uphold current client relationships
● Business identification, evaluation, due diligence activities, and legal term negotiation associated
with the investment process
● Support the portfolio with knowledge and expertise in board meetings and other interactions
● Develop a pipeline of investable companies that fits the firm’s thesis
● Actively participate in sourcing and facilitating the fundraising process
● Manage fund related service providers
● Interact with entrepreneurs and investors on a daily basis
● Work closely with the Investment Committee in due diligence and other processes
● Profit & Loss responsibilities for the fund

Who are you?
You have a minimum of 8 years of experience in high-performance environments (ex: investment banking, private equity, venture capital, etc.). You are most likely coming from an environment with strong financial incentives, and your core motivation involves using your skills to also create lasting impact. Additional requirements:
● Graduate Degree in finance or a relevant field from an accredited institution
● CFA designation preferred
● Strong experience leading, supervising and motivating a team of investment professionals
● Strategic thinker and proficient in decision-making
● Ability to communicate effectively and in a professional manner.
● Have a solid background and understanding of the tech-environment, entrepreneurship and
digital business models
● Bring a hands-on approach and ability to lead both internal and external teams
● Pay attention to detail, show great work ethic and know how to prioritize large, complex projects
● Are results-oriented and able to excel in a fast-paced environment with the ability to adjust easily
with shifting priorities and accomplish multiple tasks
● Are team-oriented, motivated, committed, proactive, persistent and dependable and are able to
work independently
● Demonstrate excellent social competence
● Have a passion to make the world a better place, and a professional drive that will contribute to
the investment operations at Amplio Ventures

Job Specifics:● Full-Time role is preferred // Part-Time role is an option for the right candidate
● Remote work is acceptable with 10% travel
● Vested Stock Agreements for the right candidate

Please direct all questions and interest to Chase Carroll at ​​. Interested parties must submit a CV and Cover Letter.

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